hey y'all! i'm courtney — wife, fur-mom, SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR
& BUSINESS educator!

Do you ever wish...

You could turn your love of flower preservation into a business?

That you could leave your soul-draining 9-5 and make art for a living?

Flower Preservation Business Mentoring & Education





1 Peter 4:10 says "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

Community over competition, this is my calling, to serve my clients and my colleagues. I remember what it was like to feel so confused and defeated at times, with no one there to really tell you what to expect. I don't want that for you! It is my hope that each of you grow in confidence and love, knowing that each step you take is one step closer to the business you have dreamed of.

The most amazing thing about businesses is that they are all unique! There is not a "one size fits all" plan when it comes to business strategy. Because of this, I like to keep my sessions simple. You get to choose how much help you want and what you want to learn!

In-Person and Online Mentoring sessions are available. Keep scrolling to see the different mentoring packages I offer!

Not sure which option is best for you? Go ahead and fill out the inquiry form and tell me what you're looking for and I can help you decide which investment is right for you!

Let's make your business work for you!

Build Your Business
1:1 Workshop

 Mentoring Power Hours

The Floral Preservation Academy

Have a few questions or just need a quick audit of a particular part of your business? The Power Hour is perfect for you! Can be done in-person or via Zoom.

Let's get you up and running! This workshop includes three, 3 hour sessions within a 3 month period to build your business, step-by-step! Perfect for those looking to deep dive into their business right now & create big momentum in a short amount of time. You will also receive our HoneyBook Workflow Guide and Email Templates complimentary!

We are working on 2 online courses! One course will be a "How-to." The second course will be on the business side. If you would like to be notified of when these courses launch, click the button below to sign up for the newsletter!




building your business 1:1 workshop

This workshop is perfect for anyone just getting started with your floral preservation business or, if you're already established, take a deep dive into your business to see where you can improve and what steps to take next! From getting legal, to learning your about supplies and techniques, to creating your brand and online presence, to attracting and booking clients. Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything and everything! I'm an open book. You choose what we focus on.

The process begins with you filling out an inquiry to set up a discovery call! We will use this call to answer any questions you have about the workshop, discuss the investment and schedule your 3 meetings! A signed contract and full payment will be required to secure your dates. Once booked, I will email you a discovery questionnaire that will help me build your workshop around your specific needs!

If you choose to do an in person session, it will take place at my home studio in Arlington, Tx. For anyone who may not live in the area, you may also choose to have your workshop via Zoom! At the end of your workshop you will have a complete step-by-step "What's Next" list to begin implementing in your business!

Following your workshop, we will have six accountability calls, to be used within six months, to follow up on your implementation of what you learned and answer any new questions that come up!

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Online Courses - coming soon!

When I first began my floral preservation journey there was not a lot of online education aside from a few YouTube videos. I did find one online course, but I was disappointed in the lack of detailed instruction and vowed to make my own one day with every single detail of preserving flowers recorded! This course will go over everything, and I mean everything, you will need to know and learn about preserving flowers. Supplies, techniques, secrets, and preserving a bouquet from start to finish! It will all be in this course! 

I will also be releasing a course regarding the business side of floral preservation. Being an artist is easy, being a business owner is not. Pricing pieces, budgeting for business expenses, taxes, legal structures, etc. There's so much more to running a business than people think and I am here to help you figure it all out!

The release date for the courses has not been determined, but if you are interested in either or both of the courses, click the inquiry button below to send me a message on our contact page! Let me know that you would like to be notified when the courses are launched!

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mentoring power hours

Not sure where to start, but you know you have questions? Let's jump on a Zoom call or meet up for coffee with a Mentoring Power Hour! You can use this hour(s) to ask all the questions... I am an open book!

This is also a great option as a "payment plan" if you aren't ready to invest in a 1:1 Workshop or course. We can schedule individual Power Hours every few weeks or months to gradually get your business set up without having to make the full investment up front.

If, after going through a Power Hour, you decide a 1:1 Workshop would be more beneficial for you, you will be able to book the full workshop for only $575!

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Q. WHo is mentoring for?

Q. WHo is mentoring for?

Mentoring sessions are great for anyone who is just starting their business and wants to make sure they get started on the right foot! I also love helping established artists who may be struggling to get to that next step in their business!

Q. WHere/HOW will we meet?

Q. WHere will we meet?

Mentoring can take place in person or via Zoom video chat. In-person sessions will take place at my home office in Arlington, TX.

Q. when are you available for mentoring?

Q. when are you available for mentoring?

Mentoring sessions are available Tuesday through Friday from 10am-8pm. Because we shoot weddings and portraits and receive our flower orders on the weekends, limited weekend times may be available. Please reach out for availability!

Q. how is mentoring offered?

Q. How is mentoring offered?

Hourly meetings are great for artists who may just have a few questions. The 1:1 workshop is geared towards newer artists who are ready to start their business or for those who may be looking for more advanced help. If you're unsure of which option would be the best option for you, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and let me know what you're looking for!

Q. what's your background?

Q. What's your background?

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Photography and I've mentored with some of the best wedding photographers in the industry (Luke and Cat, Katelyn James, Hope Taylor, etc.). I've taken numerous courses and mentoring with IPS photographers, so I can assist more than just wedding photographers.

Q. what's your approach?

Q. What's your approach?

I hate fluffy education and the word “competition”. I will give exact information and answer every single question without excluding anything to anyone who asks. I will always give them my secrets if I believe it will help them be successful. A rising tide lifts all boats!

"Courtney is amazingly talented, witty, clever and has the patience of Job! Even though she has 15 years of experience, she took the time to educate me in a way that made sense to me!

she took the time to educate me in a way that made sense!

- Julia A.

Mentoring Session discussions can include, but are not limited to:

How to set Up Your Business
how to attract & book clients
workflow & client management system
goal setting
constructive criticism on your work and/or website
pricing & contracts
understanding your CODB and COGS
running a legal business
advertising & social media
where to spend your money & time
emails & client interaction
website & blogging
choosing product vendors

Resources and Tools

for preservationists

This list is a compilation of my favorite businesses that help me with my business! You'll see everything you need! From CRM's to website platforms, legal resources, supplies and more! 

Yes, it's true, I may make a small commission when you sign up for, or purchase from, any of these links. However, this does not impact my opinion on them. I honestly LOVE all of these companies and only recommend them because I completely trust them with my business.

Curious about the resources and tools that help me run my business everyday?



Mile IQ

Honeybook is an all-in-one business running machine! Send contracts, invoices, emails and keep all your client's information in one place! It will also help you keep track of all your expenses and your income.

Pixifi is a more advanced version of HoneyBook, giving you more creative control over your business workflows and analytics. This is a great tool for a growing business!

Tracking mileage for your taxes has never been easier!! Just download MileIQ onto your phone, turn it on, and voila! It tracks every drive you make! At the end of the year, just print out your statement!

Get 35% off your first year!

Free Trial

Free Trial

KS REsin


moldi molds

Moldi's HDPE molds are great quality and come in a variety of sizes to meet all your needs. Use the code FloraCreek5 for 5% off your order!

Showit is the best website builder that gives COMPLETE freedom when it comes to design! They also offer templates to help get you started.

KS Resin Liquid Cast is great for deep pours with flowers. It has the best bubble release, in my opinion! Click below to get a discount on your order or use code floracreek at checkout!

5% OFF Your Order

Get your 1st Month Free!

Buy Some Resin!

Artist Tees


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