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As soon as you have a date! I recommend making your reservation at least 6 months in advance of your event date. Due to the time and attention to detail that every piece requires, I am only accepting a limited number of clients a week.

All I need to secure your booking is the retainer and a signed contract. The contract only commits you to my services, not specific products. You can add pieces to your order until we finalize your designs for your pieces, which is usually 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

If my schedule allows me to move things around, I may be able to help out!
If your event has passed, depending on the amount of time it is been, pictures of the flowers may be needed to ensure they are still in the best condition possible. I will not be able to accept bouquets that are molded or have already started to deteriorate.
Please note that I will do my best to accommodate last minute bookings, but cannot guarantee anything. If space is available, you will have 24 hours to secure your spot after inquiring. We may also need to charge a last minute supplies fee of $50 to help offset the cost of purchasing additional supplies if you are inquiring after your wedding date.

In order to secure your flowers on my calendar, a signed contract and non-refundable retainer of $150 is due at the time of booking. This goes towards your total amount. The remaining balance will be due at the time of design approval.

Yes! I am happy to preserve your dried flowers! Please email me a photo of your dried florals so I may asses them to make sure they will preserve well with my art mediums. I do offer a 10% discount for providing your own dried florals. I will not be able to enhance their color, shape, or condition. I also offer a bouquet remake option; re-create your bouquet with fresh florals! Reach out to learn more about this process!

When should I make my reservation?

Do I have to know what I want right now?

Do you accept last minute/post event bookings?

What is needed to secure a spot for my flowers?

My wedding was years ago. Can you preserve my already dried bouquet?

The sooner I receive your flowers the better! Bouquets should be kept as cool as possible after the wedding, but not frozen. I will email you a link a week before your wedding to schedule your drop off. If you are shipping, you will be provided instructions on how to safely pack and ship your flowers upon booking.

No you do not have to be the one to drop off. I know a lot of couples leave for their honeymoon the next day so you are definitely welcome to assign this task to someone you trust! When it comes time to schedule a drop off time, which is usually the week before the wedding, there will be a place for you to put their name in the scheduler so I know who is coming :)

Once I have received your flowers, the process can take up to 6 months to complete. This timeframe depends on many things, including the flower drying process, client communication during design, the amount of pieces being made, and the availability of the chosen molds at the time of approval. 

Absolutely! We will discuss your design desires via email when your flowers are almost dry. When it is time for the design process, I will create designs for your main piece(s), based on your requests. Due to the delicacy and fragility of the florals, we can make slight changes to the designs, but multiple design options will not be available in order to protect the florals. Add-on pieces are also too small to show designs for so they will get to be a surprise!

Color variations will occur naturally. Pinks, reds and purples often darken while some colors lighten. White flowers may appear translucent in the final artworks. Bruises can also be common in flowers and will only show themselves after they have been placed in the resin. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have chosen a florist who uses high quality flowers and to take extra good care of your flowers before they make it to me.
Due to the nature of flowers having air pockets, some bubbles may occur. We do what we can to minimize bubbles, but as resin cures it can create bubbles from air pockets that are not visible until it is too late to fix them. These bubbles can have a "water-bubble" like appearance that can be really pretty! You will also see bubbles along the edges of the piece. Due to the nature of resin, over time it will take on a slight amber coloring.

How soon do you need the flowers?

Do I have to be the one to drop off my flowers, or can someone else drop them off for me?

How long will the process take?

Will I get to partake in the design process?

How will my flowers look after the preservation process is complete?

Can we have other things placed in our pieces, such as lace, invitations, etc.?

Yes!! We can put anything that is not living or contains water into your piece. Some examples of things we have used in pieces before include, wedding dress lace, ribbons, invitations, garters, pearls, feathers, photos, a fishing fly and dog tags. Other things that can also be incorporated are cake toppers, glass pieces, jewelry, other small knick knacks and even fake flowers!

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Due to the amount of time and resources required, all wedding bouquet preservations and recreations require the purchase of a main piece or a package. Memorial orders are not subject to the purchase requirements, however, if the order is less than the $150 retainer fee, then the entire amount is due at the time of booking.

Yes, you may add on any pieces or upgrade your main piece sizes at any time prior to design approval. You may also downgrade your order as long as you still meet the minimum order requirements.

They do not. You will be responsible for shipping your flowers to my studio in Arlington, TX. Shipping instructions will be sent at the time of booking and the week before your event. Return shipping is a flat $35 fee for most orders. Large custom orders, such as tables, may require a larger return shipping fee for proper packaging. Local orders may drop off and pick up in person at no charge.
Fair warning, shipping your bouquet can be expensive. Between the size of the box, the weight and overnighting it, the cost may be more than you expected. Please be aware of this. If you book a spot with me and then cancel after you find out how much it costs to ship, you will lose your $150 retainer.

Your final payment is not due until you finalize your designs for your pieces. This is usually 6-8 weeks after the wedding. This allows you to upgrade or add-on pieces up until that point without having to send multiple invoices.

Time and materials! Did you know that each order can take over 30 working hours to complete? The process of using resin to preserve flowers takes a lot of time and patience and cannot be rushed. I also use high quality molds and resins, made here in America to ensure the safety of the flowers and the longevity of the art I create. 

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my order after I've booked?

Do prices include shipping?

When is my final payment due?

Why is flower preservation so expensive?

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